Tales of Suspense Vol.1 #86


Iron Man battles Mandarin to save Happy; The Mandarin uses one of his rings to coat Iron Man with a layer of ice; While looking for Happy, Iron Man hears some of the guards mentioning a missile that the Mandarin has given to the Chinese army, which is secretly set to attack an American base, thereby leading to a war between the East and West.

Captain America sneaks around a hidden base in Asia; A large robot attacks him; Cap sneaks into an air vent and follows it through to a man called Colonel Kuro Chin, a SHIELD operative called Agent 60; Cap aims to stop the Z-Ray.

Printed: Feb 1967
Writers: Stan Lee
Art: Jack Kirby, Gene Colan, and Frank Giacoia
Cover: Jack Kirby and Frank Giacoia

- First battle of Captain America vs Black Panther
- 1st full appearance of Whitney Frost, identity not revealed, later known as Madame Masque