204Comics is a CGC Verified Dealer with 10+ years of submission experience.

We offer submission service to CGC for local customers. Our submission rates are as follows:

Modern -- $85 per book
Vintage -- $95 per book
High Value -- $125 per book
Walkthrough -- starts at $325 per book, may be based on percentage of book's market value.

Please note that that these rates may be subject to CGC bumping your book into another tier and as such further payment would be required. We do not have control over this, though we do aim to be as accurate and transparent as possible with all submissions.

All submission tiers include a complimentary book pressing done in-house at 204Comics. The prices listed above cover all taxes, insurance, tariffs, duty, etc.

If you would like to submit through 204Comics, please bring your comic(s) to our retail store and we will inform you of which tier your comic(s) fit in and discuss the process further with you!

Your comics, once returned from CGC, must be picked up by yourself or an approved person with accompanying government-issued ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which tier is right for my book?
A: Modern (1975 or newer) and Vintage (1974 and older) tiers are based on when the book(s) was published, and a market dollar value of up to $399 USD. If a book is valued $400-$999 USD, it must go through the High Value tier. Books worth more than $1000 USD must go Walkthrough. You may also choose to bump your book into another tier to speed up its processing time if you would prefer.

Q: My book is signed, can I still submit it?
A: You can submit any book, but unless CGC had a certified witness to authenticate and submit the book at the time of its signing, you will receive a green "Qualified" label. In most cases, this would drastically lower the value of the comic.

Q: How will I know my books are safe? What guarantees do you offer?
A: We take the utmost of care with packaging your books, leaning on our 10+ years experience in submitting to CGC. A part of your submission fee includes insurance for your book, should it be damaged in transit or lost in transit. We cannot offer any guarantee on the grade that your book will receive, but we can provide our best estimate based on when you leave it with us. We will also scan the front and back of your book(s) and email you a copy of the scanned images so that you can be sure it's your book that is returned to you once you receive your submission back in your hands.

Q: Can you update me on where my books are at? How much longer will it take?
A: We will do our best to provide you with an estimate based on what CGC lists their current wait times as plus any handling time on our end when you decide to leave your books with us. We will provide you with updates of where your books are in the process as soon as we have them. We have no control over CGC's processing times and will not entertain repeat requests as to the status of your submission. In short: if you repeatedly ask us for updates, we will no longer submit books on your behalf.

Q: Do you give discounts for submitting a lot of books at once?
A: We can offer a 10% discount if you would like to do a full submission on your own. A full submission consists of 25 books.

Q: I can get this done by someone I know for cheaper, do you price match?
A: No. The benefit of submitting with us is that we have a brick & mortar retail location. You know where to find us, when we are open, and how to contact us at all times. We also refuse to cut corners when it comes to handling your book, declaring its value when shipping, packaging your book, etc.
We are confident that we are priced fairly based on the level of service you will be provided during the submission process.