Tales of Suspense Vol.1 #84


Tony Stark is finally at Congress to tell them about the abilities of his Iron Man armor, after it's been put off for the last ten issues or so; As Tony starts to speak, he suddenly collapses as his chest plate starts malfunctioning; After a few days in hospital, Tony's chest plate has been recharged by the doctors, who suspect that it was to help his heart; Tony realizes that the Mandarin is behind Happy's disappearance, and that it's up to him to save him.

Captain America leads the Avengers (Goliath, Wasp, and Hawkeye) to the captive Adaptoid, where it's tied up after being captured in the previous issue; However, unknown to the Avengers as they try and make sense of what it could be, the Adaptoid is secretly adapting their powers as they stand before him.

Printed: Dec 1966
Writers: Stan Lee
Art: Gene Colan, Jack Kirby, and Frank Giacoia
Cover: Jack Kirby and Frank Giacoia