Strange Tales Vol.1 #148


Dugan is shattered when he thinks Fury is killed in a fire-bombing attack by A.I.M., only to discover it was actually a Life Model Decoy; Fury realizes their movements are under video-surveillance by the enemy. Count Royale and his A.I.M. cohorts are amazed at how sophisticated the L.M.D.s are and plan to steal one.

The Ancient One tells Strange of his early life in Kamar-Taj, a hidden land in the Himalayas; He & Kaluu were born there, but while Strange's mentor sought to use magic for good, Kaluu dreamed of power; Kaluu mentally gained control of the people, imprisoned his once-friend, and enslaved neighboring lands.

Printed: Sept 1966
Writers: Jack Kirby, Denny O'Neil, and Bill Everett
Art: Jack Kirby and Don Heck
Cover: Bill Everett

- Origin of the Ancient One
- 1st full appearance of Kaluu, a practitioner of black magic and friend-turned-foe of the Ancient One