Secret Six Vol.1 #1


Cover Date: April 1968
Writers: Frank Springer
Art:Frank Springer
Featured Characters: Secret Six [Tiger Force [Mike Tempest] (a boxer); Crimson Dawn (a well-known model); King Savage (a Hollywood stuntman); August Durant (a nuclear physicist); Carlo Di Rienzi (a magician and escape artist); Lili De Neuve (an exclusive spa owner)]; "Mockingbird"; Zoltan Lupus

Synopsis: Six highly-skilled individuals are blackmailed into working together by the mysterious Mockingbird. They are ordered to do his bidding lest he reveal their secrets and destroy their lives. Their first mission: ensure that a second planned demonstration of a weapon of mass destruction created by Zoltan Lupus fails.

Reference: Secret Six Vol.1 #1 Grand Comics Database
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