Micronauts Vol.1 #1


Commander Rann returns from his 1000 year space voyage to find that the Warp Drive has been invented, which has allowed Baron Karza to take over the Microverse while he slept in suspended animation. Rann is captured and sent to the Pleasure Pits where his escape is orchestrated by the others, including those who would become members of the Micronauts.

Printed: Jan 1979
Writers: Bill Mantlo
Art: Michael Golden and Joe Rubinstein
Cover: Dave Cockrum and Al Milgrom

Key Issue Details
- 1st team appearance of Micronauts: Arcturus Rann, Bug, Acroyear, Marionette, Biotron, Microton
- 1st appearance of Baron Karza
- 1st appearance of a Time-Traveler, Emissary of the Enigma Force - the Enigma Force appears in ethereal form through the series until #11 when it materializes