Marvel Team-Up Vol.1 #141


Spider-Man is missing! What has happened to the spectacular one? Regardless, Daredevil and the Black Widow must keep working on the pawnbroker murder case in order to prevent an innocent man from going up the river! The Man Without Fear and Natasha just about have the case solved, when the web-slinger suddenly a brand new costume! They'll be glad to have Spidey's help to finish this caper...or will they? Daredevil's deal with the Kingpin may not go over too well with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

Printed: May 1984
Writers: Jim Owsley
Art: Greg LaRocque and Mike Esposito
Cover: Art Adams and Mike Mignola

- 2nd appearance of Spider-Man's black costume, tied with Spectacular Spider-Man #90
- According to solicitations from 1984, The Amazing Spider-Man #252 went on sale January 31
- Marvel Team-up #141 and The Spectacular Spider-Man #90 both went on sale February 14