Justice League of America Vol.1 #64


At one of the JSA's meetings, a new Red Tornado interrupts the group, claiming he is the original one, when the JSA knew the original one (Ma Hunkle), who just as suddenly as she entered in on their first meeting left. They give this new Tornado a chance to show his heroism, but every time the JSA is about to defeat a group of criminals, the Tornado interferes, casuing them to 'die' in battle. Helpless to stop this, he goes to Earth-1 to enlist the JLA's aid, since he learns it was T.O. Morrow who was behind the JSA's 'deaths'.

First Printing: Aug 1968
Writers: Gardner Fox
Art: Dick Dillin and Sid Greene
Cover: Dick Dillin and Jack Abel

- 1st appearance of Red Tornado, previously the Tornado Tyrant, now inhabiting an android's body and programmed with the memories of Ma Hunkel