Fantastic Four Vol.1 #94


The Fantastic Four joyfully reunite at the Baxter Building following Ben's wild adventure against the gangster skrulls last issue. And the first order of business is finding a nanny for Reed and Sue's new baby! Based upon an excellent recommendation, the FF fly to Whisper Hill to meet Agatha Harkness. Will Agatha be able to care for and protect little Franklin in her supernatural home? The fabulous foursome will know soon enough…once the Frightful Four attack! Look out! After the Wizard, Sandman, and Trapster subdue the FF and Medusa, just an old lady and her pet cat stand in their way of victory! The three super-villains should finish off Agatha and Ebony easily, but sometimes appearances can be deceiving…very deceiving!

Printed: Jan 1970
Writers: Stan Lee
Art: Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott
Cover: Jack Kirby and John Verpoorten

- 1st appearance of Agatha Harkness, Franklin Richards’ nanny and a mentor to Scarlet Witch
- 1st appearance of Ebony, Agatha's cat who turns into a demon-like creature
- First mention of the name Franklin Richards