Avengers Vol.1 #83


One of the landmark issues of the bronze age! While Earth's Mightiest Heroes participate in the Halloween parade in Rutland, Vermont; something very strange is taking place at Avengers Mansion! A new superhero called the Valkyrie assembles the Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, and Medusa for a special ladies only meeting! The manipulative Valkyrie (with an Asgardian accent) convinces the four heroines to form their own group called the Lady Liberators! And take revenge on their male counterparts in the Avengers! Wow, women's lib to the max! But minutes before the liberators arrive in the green mountain state, the Masters of Evil ambush the Avengers' parade float! Earth's Mightiest Heroes reel under the Masters of Evil's surprise assault until the Lady Liberators strike back…against both teams! Pure chaos in the streets of Rutland! Who could orchestrate such a wild affair? Only an enchanting foe from years ago! Truly an Avengers classic!

Printed: Dec 1970
Writers: Roy Thomas
Art: John Buscema and Tom Palmer
Cover: John Buscema and Tom Palmer

- 1st appearance of Valkyrie, Enchantress in disguise
- 1st team appearance of the Lady Liberators: Valkyrie, Scarlet Witch, Wasp Black Widow, Medusa
- Debut of the Rutland Halloween Parade, a real parade held in Vermont annually that has been depicted in both Marvel and DC comics nearly 20 times with parade attendees wearing superhero costumes from both publishers in each book