Avengers Vol.1 #80


During an evening walk through Manhattan, the Vision encounters a man and a wolf! But this isn't just any human and canine duo, it's the newest Marvel superhero Red Wolf, and his faithful partner Lobo! After a brief skirmish, the synthezoid avenger takes Red Wolf to Avengers Mansion to learn why the native American warrior has traveled so far from home. And regrettably the reason is a name Earth's Mightiest Heroes know very well: Cornelius Van Lunt! The ruthless businessman is using extortion to take land from Red Wolf's tribe! So the Avengers will be departing for big sky country very soon, right? Not so fast! Because the golden avenger has identified an urgent threat in the city: the resurgent Zodiac! Will the Avengers divide and conquer both menaces?

Printed: Sept 1970
Writers: Roy Thomas
Art: John Buscema and Tom Palmer
Cover: John Buscema and Tom Palmer

- 1st appearance and origin of Red Wolf, William Talltrees, a Native-American who bears the mantle of the Red Wolf from the Cheyenne god Owayodatta