Avengers Vol.1 #78


On a quiet evening atop Avengers Mansion, the Man-Ape ambushes the star-spangled avenger! But thankfully Cap's teammates quickly join the fight and drive off the African super-villain! Why did the Man-Ape strike out at the Avengers all alone? Seems like a tall order for a low-level lackey! Later on after abducting Monica Lynne, the Man-Ape picks a fight with another avenger, the Black Panther! The Prince of Wakanda bravely battles his larger adversary, but does not prevail. However at the end of the struggle, T'Challa learns who is masterminding the Man-Ape's operation…the Grim Reaper! And the scythe-wielding scoundrel will be gunning for the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes next issue!

Printed: Jun 1970
Writers: Roy Thomas
Art: Sal Buscema and Tom Palmer
Cover: John Buscema and Tom Palmer

- 1st team appearance of Lethal Legion: Grim Reaper, Living Laser, Man-Ape, Power Man and Swordsman
- 2nd appearance of M'Baku