Avengers Vol.1 #66


Onboard the SHIELD Helicarrier, Earth's Mightiest Heroes test a new metal alloy called adamantium! The metal is so strong that even Thor's hammer cannot fracture it! Wow, what would happen if this awesome alloy fell into the wrong hands? Regrettably the Avengers don't have to wait long for the answer as the Vision steals the adamantium and then ambushes his fellow avengers inside the mansion! What a shocking development! Could things get any worse? Perhaps only if the Vision's robotic creator were to suddenly appear!

Printed: Jul 1969
Writers: Roy Thomas
Art: Barry Windsor-Smith and Syd Shores
Cover: John Buscema and Sam Grainger

Key Issue Details
- 1st appearance of Ultron-6
- 1st mention of Adamantium
- 1st appearance of Myron MacLain, the scientist who invented Adamantium