Avengers Vol.1 #65


After the tragic death of his brother last issue, Clint Barton vows revenge against Egghead! And auspiciously for the new Goliath, his first opportunity comes very soon! Upon returning to Earth, Egghead dispatches the Swordsman to Avengers Mansion to capture his old foe Henry Pym! But neither super-villain knows that Hank has recently changed his identity to Yellowjacket! Amid the confusing battle, the Swordsman grabs Clint instead and takes him back to Egghead! And for the vengeance-seeking avenger... that's right where he wants to be...for payback!

First Printing: Jun 1969
Writers: Roy Thomas
Art: Gene Colan and Sam Grainger
Cover: Gene Colan and Sam Grainger (with alterations by John Romita and Frank Giacoia)