Avengers Vol.1 #59


A new crime-fighter bursts onto the scene in New York City! And the Daily Bugle loves him already! The brash Yellowjacket barges into Avengers Mansion and boasts about killing Goliath! Shocked by the news; Hawkeye, T'Challa, and the Vision charge forward! But the mysterious Yellowjacket fights them off and absconds with the Wasp! Fearing that Jan is in serious danger, the Avengers pursue Yellowjacket across town! But when Earth's Mightiest Heroes locate their new foe, the Wasp asks them to leave Yellowjacket alone! Wow, why would Jan do that? Because she wants to marry him that's why! Wedding bells ring next issue!

Printed: Dec 1968
Writers: Roy Thomas
ArtJohn Buscema and George Klein
Cover: John Buscema and George Klein

- Hank Pym becomes Yellowjacket, formerly Goliath
- 3rd appearance of Vision