Avengers Vol.1 #58


The Vision wants to become an avenger! But before Goliath and the Wasp can add him to the roster, they must consult the old guard first! When Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor arrive at Avengers Mansion; they test the Vision's powers! And the three stalwarts are suitably impressed! But they also want to know the Vision's background story. Where did he come from and how was he created? As the Vision recounts his earliest memories, Hank Pym begins to connect the dots. Earth's Mightiest Heroes rush to Hank's suburban lab... where they learn the shocking truth about their newest ally: the Vision; and their newest enemy: Ultron! Does the truth clear the way for the Vision to join the Mighty Avengers?

Printed: Nov 1968
Writers: Roy Thomas
ArtJohn Buscema and George Klein
Cover: John Buscema and George Klein

- 2nd appearance and origin of Vision
- Vision joins The Avengers