Avengers Vol.1 #53


After rendezvousing with the Angel, Earth's Mightiest Heroes arrive on Magneto's Atlantic Island ready to take down the Master of Magnetism! However the powerful mutant has a plan to turn the captive X-Men against the Avengers! And in Magneto's lair, Magneto's plan usually works! So it's the Mighty Avengers vs. the Uncanny X-Men for the freedom of the world! During the chaotic battle, Pietro and Wanda look for a way to get off the island! Maybe the Toad will help them! But first he has a surprise for his magnetic master!

Printed: Jun 1968
Writers: Roy Thomas
ArtJohn Buscema and George Tuska
Cover: John Buscema and George Tuska

- 2nd appearance and origin of Vision
- Vision joins The Avengers