Avengers Vol.1 #269 (Canadian Price Variant)


In timeless limbo Earth's Mightiest Heroes and their long-time foe, Kang the Conqueror, are captives of the chief council Kang! However, the Lion of Olympus cannot be held for long in a simple paralysis beam! When Hercules breaks free, chaos breaks loose! The Avengers assemble to battle the chief council Kang, while the 41st century Kang also attacks his Kang-brother! Confusing indeed! But in the land of limbo things are seldom what they seem. And eventually the true orchestrator of events is revealed! With Ravonna by his side, Immortus stops the fighting and makes everything all right. Or does he? The Avengers aren't so sure, but of course only time will tell.

Printed: Jul 1986
Writers: Roger Stern
ArtJohn Buscema and Tom Palmer
Cover: John Buscema and Tom Palmer

- Battle of Kang vs Immortus
- Origin of Kang as Rama-Tut