Avengers Vol.1 #162


After defeating the Avengers last issue, Ultron stands triumphant! And now the adamantium monster has a diabolic plan to create a female companion for himself! It's very simple...transfer the life force of Janet Pym into the empty metalloid body of Jocasta! But the Avengers won't go down without a fight! Once the Black Panther, Iron Man, Thor, and Wonder Man locate Ultron inside an abandoned research center on Long Island, the blockbuster battle begins! Can Earth Mightiest Heroes stop the sinister scheme of their long-time foe? Or will the Wasp tragically become the unwilling bride of Ultron?

Printed: Aug 1977
Writers: Jim Shooter
Art: George Perez, and Pablo Marcos
Cover: George Perez and Pablo Marcos

- 1st appearance of Jocasta, created by Ultron as a companion