Avengers Vol.1 #129


A bright shining star appears over Avengers Mansion! What does the radiant beacon foretell? Kang the Conqueror thinks he knows! And thus begins the Celestial Madonna saga! The 41st century Master of Time and his macrobots attack the Avengers outside their mansion! After overwhelming the six avengers, Kang absconds with five of them plus Agatha Harkness! The Conqueror deems the Swordsman as unworthy and leaves him behind. Will Kang end up regretting that decision? The former sword-wielding super-villain certainly has his work cut out for him! However, the Swordsman catches a big break when Agatha Harkness telepathically reveals Kang's hideaway! The centuries-old pyramids of Egypt! After arriving in the Egyptian desert, the Swordsman desperately needs an ally! Could one of the ancient pharaohs still be lurking around to help?

Printed: Nov 1974
Writers: Steve Englehart
Art: Sal Buscema and Joe Staton
Cover: Ron Wilson and Mike Esposito

- Cover art featuring Kang
- Issue contains Marvel Value Stamp Series A #88 - The Leader