Avengers Vol.1 #116


Earth's Mightiest Heroes visit Dr. Strange's townhouse in Greenwich Village and request permission to enter, but Wong slams the door in their faces! After an angry Thor breaks down the door, the Avengers storm inside, but a mystic spell sweeps them back out onto the street! Meanwhile gathered around the Orb of Agamotto, the Defenders put together a plan to find the six pieces of the Evil Eye. However, in the dark realm, Loki has grown suspicious of his dreadful ally! And contacts the Avengers to tell them about the Defenders' search for the ancient instrument from Avalon! So the die is cast! And the blockbuster battles are about to begin!

Printed: Oct 1973
Writers: Steve Englehart
Art: Bob Brown and Mike Esposito
Cover: John Romita Sr. and Mike Esposito

- "Avengers/Defenders War" part 3
- Story continued in Defenders #9