Avengers Vol.1 #112


A mob of African protesters gathers outside Avengers Mansion and demands that the Black Panther return to his native Wakanda! When T'Challa goes outside to talk, he's kidnapped by their leader, the Lion God! Then the mob disperses and the Avengers are left wondering what just happened! However several hours later, the Lion God returns to the mansion and the no-holds-barred battle begins! Unfortunately, Earth's Mightiest Heroes fall one-by-one until only the Avengers' resident god remains! Can the Mighty Thor bring down the thunder and lightning and silence the Lion God's roar?

Printed: Jun 1973
Writers: Steve Englehart
ArtDon Heck and Frank Rolle
Cover: Don Heck

- 1st appearance of Mantis
- 1st appearance of Pantha