Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #332


The web-slinger's worst nightmare is back again! Venom! And so is Mary Jane's! Jonathan Caesar! Add Styx and Stone to the volatile mix and the Parkers are in for a very rough day! The Amazing Spider-Man battles the psychotic Venom in Central Park, while Mary Jane confronts the deranged Caesar at Bedford Towers! Could the wall-crawler and his wife score a double victory against their respective nemeses? Mary Jane has a chance; Spider-Man not so much.

First Printing: May 1990
Writers: David Michelinie
Art: Erik Larsen, Mike Machlan, Jack Abel, Keith Wilson, Keith Williams, Brad Vancata, Joe Rosas, and Mikey Ritter.
Cover: Erik Larsen and Mike Machlan

Key Issue Details
- First time Venom is depicted with a long tongue and drool, a significant addition to Venom's design, added by Erik Larsen