Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #328


The powerful cabal masterminding the Acts of Vengeance is still trying to kill the web-slinger despite his new cosmic powers! And the next super-villain gunning for Spidey is Sebastian Shaw! However the Hellfire Club's Black King likes to fight by proxy! And who better to use than the Hulk! Shaw picks up the former Green Goliath in the Nevada desert and drops him in the middle of Manhattan! And the battle is joined! The cosmic-powered wall-crawler and the gamma-radiated Hulk throw down from Times Square to the Roosevelt Island ruins! An out-of-this-world ending!

Printed: Jan 1990
Writers: David Michelinie
Art: Todd McFarlane
Cover: Todd McFarlane

- Classic cover art by Todd McFarlane
- Final art on in Amazing Spider-Man by Todd McFarlane