Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #209


The specter of Spider-Man still haunts Kraven the Hunter! But Kraven's new accomplice, Calypso, has a plan to change that! While delivering a herd of exotic animals to the city, Calypso releases them to run wild in the streets! And then blames the web-slinger for setting them free! After Kraven subdues the loose animals, he vows to make the wall-crawler pay for this (alleged) indignity! And the next evening at the Museum of Natural History, the Amazing Spider-Man and Kraven the Hunter clash again! The survival of the fittest!

Printed: Apr 1980
Writers: Denny O'Neil
Art: Alan Weiss, Klaus Janson, Bob McLeod, Joe Rubinstein, Bob Wiacek, and Al Milgrom
Cover: Alan Weiss

- 1st appearance and origin of Calypso, a Haitian woman and practitioner of Voodoo