Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #148


As shown on the fateful cover, the Tarantula throws the shackled web-slinger off the top of the Brooklyn Bridge! Can the amazing one stop his freefall before slamming into the East River? If not, poor Spidey will sleep with the fishes and never learn the truth behind Gwen's return. Meanwhile at the Daily Bugle, Ned Leeds finally connects the dots about the Gwen Stacy clone! Apparently Gwen once donated cell tissue samples in Professor Miles Warren's biology class at Empire State University! Hmmm, has the good professor been playing god in his spare time? All will be revealed next issue!

Printed: Sept 1975
Writers: Gerry Conway
Art: Ross Andru, Mike Esposito, and Dave Hunt
Cover: Gil Kane and John Romita Sr.

- Identity of the Jackal revealed to be Professor Miles Warren
- 1st cover appearance of Jackal