Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #146


While Aunt May's nephew comes to grips with the return of Gwen Stacy (clone), the devious Jackal once more plots the wall-crawler's violent demise! And this time he uses the unsuspecting Scorpion as his pawn! The Scorpion thought he killed Spidey last issue, but once Mac Gargan learns the truth; he wants another shot! So the Jackal tells him to look in May Parker's hospital room! What a cruel thing to do! And as depicted on the dynamic cover, the Scorpion indeed pays Aunt May a visit! But the super-villain with a sting wasn't counting on a fighting mad web-slinger in the waiting room! The beleaguered Scorpion doesn't stand a chance!

Printed: Jul 1975
Writers: Gerry Conway
Art: Various
Cover: John Romita Sr.