The Bobbyversary

The Bobbyversary

The Bobbyversary

Nearly 2 years ago, like Ashley, I left my day job to pursue a longstanding dream -- running a comic shop with one of my best friends. It has been a wild ride and sometimes I need to pinch myself just to make sure I'm not dreaming!

Over the last couple of years, there have been countless highlights -- but a few I can share:

  • Mike Rooth and Casey Parsons stopping by the store to warm up for the Winnipeg Comic Con back in 2021. They sketched up a couple of amazing comic book covers!

  • Meeting the inimitable Richard Comely. He's an absolute gentleman.

  • Hosting two private screenings of Marvel films at our favorite local movie theatre.

  • A young guest at the shop, maybe 6-7 years old, being delighted when we were able to find him some old Dick Tracy comics. I think that kid, unexpectedly, has been the only customer we've ever had asking for Dick Tracy. Love it!

  • A couple of youngsters who brought comics to sell which they had purchased from garage sales. They really wanted to buy Pokemon cards. Gotta respect the hustle.

  • Chip Zdarsky coming through on his Canadian Tour and all of the lovely folks who came out to the signing. Chip was lovely, humble, and very easygoing. If he's ever doing a signing or appearance in your city, be sure to attend!

  • Both of the "Bobbyversary" sales, this year and last, to celebrate my anniversary at the store and give back to our guests. We had a wonderful turnout both times and are looking forward to next year's!

These are just a small handful of things that come to mind, the kind of things that let us know we're... doing the right thing at our store. The constant support that we have from regular and new guests at our shop is humbling, to say the very least.

I came to the shop to help Ash with the day-to-day business, but also to help establish the online presence of the store. I did not expect to feel so rewarded for simple day-to-day interactions with guests at the shop. That's not to say that it's been all sunshine and rainbows -- but the good far outweighs the bad.

Speaking of the online presence. The website is a constant work in progress, but recently we have made some fantastic changes and additions to the site. We'll be introducing a Hold Box functionality very soon as well as continuing to improve on the navigation & inventory.

The last couple of years have been an absolute privilege. Here's to many more!

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