X-Men Vol.1 #98


It's the Holiday Season and the residents of Xavier's School for the Gifted are about to receive a most unexpected surprise...the mutant hunting Sentinels have returned! But why have these robotic giants attacked now, and who is pulling their strings? The answer will leave the X-Men speechless.

Printed: Apr 1976
Writers: Chris Claremont
Art: Dave Cockrum and Sam Grainger
Cover: Dave Cockrum

- 1st appearance of a reporter named Clark Kent who appears over 20 times in Marvel books
- Revealed that Wolverine's claws are a part of his body, not a part of his gloves as Len Wein initially intended
- 1st cameo appearance of Amanda Sefton, ex-girlfriend of Nightcrawler and former ruler of Limbo
- Cameo of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee