Uncanny X-Men Vol.1 #61


The X-Men battle Sauron and his hypnotic powers but the villain gets away and the heroes do not make the connection between the flying dinosaur and Dr. Karl Lykos; Visiting Lykos, they find Alex restored to health and witness a reunion between Karl and his love, Tanya; Tanya's father arrives and forbids their love as the X-Men slink away from the uncomfortable domestic scene; Karl drains energy from Lorna and turns into Sauron once again; Once he changes back into Lykos, he confronts Tanya at their old mountain cabin and seemingly falls to his death as he runs away, afraid of trying to drain energy from the woman he loves.

Printed: Oct 1969
Writers: Roy Thomas
Art: Neal Adams and Tom Palmer
Cover: Neal Adams

- 2nd appearance of Sauron