Uncanny X-Men Vol.1 #43


Following the tragic events of last issue, the downtrodden X-Men attend Professor X's funeral. The graveside service is briefly interrupted when the young mutants spot Quicksilver paying his respects from a distance. After the service the X-Men return to their Westchester mansion and listen to a posthumous message from their beloved mentor in which he, Charles Xavier, officially passes the torch to his students. In the meantime Quicksilver returns to Magneto's Atlantic Island lair! But the erstwhile avenger is plagued with doubts about his decision to ally himself and his sister with the Master of Magnetism again! However Pietro doesn't have time to brood once Cyclops and his teammates discover Magneto's Atlantic hideaway! And the familiar battle is quickly joined: the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants vs. the Uncanny X-Men!

Printed: Apr 1968
Writers: Roy Thomas
Art: George Tuska and John Tartaglione
Cover: John Buscema