Uncanny X-Men Vol.1 #266


The Hounds are closing in on the young thief named Storm. Her only hope may lie in the hands of a mysterious and charming stranger. Plus, the Shadow King wants Mystique dead.

Printed: Aug 1990
Writers: Chris Claremont
Art: Mike Collins and Joe Rubinstein
Cover: Andy Kubert

- 2nd appearance and 1st cover of Gambit
- 1st chronological appearance of Gambit in-story / in-continuity
- X-Men Annual #14 went on sale three weeks before this issue and is often considered the first cameo appearance of Gambit
- This would imply that his appearance is brief though he appears in 15 panels throughout X-Men Annual #14 with at least 10 instances of dialogue
- Uncanny X-Men #266 was written as if it were to be published prior to the annual, therefore #266 would be the first chronological appearance of Gambit in-story (or in-continuity)
- CGC, the grading certification company for comic books, recognizes Uncanny X-Men #266 as the first full appearance of Gambit