Strange Tales Vol.1 #181


Warlock finds himself in a strange place and considers, that this is just an illusion but decides, that he is in a Reality unlike any he has ever seen before, the Head Clown states, that Warlock has always been in this Reality, he has just never seen it in quite this manner before and calls it the "Land of the Way it was"; A Technician states that something is wrong with visual and audio programming; The Clowns are trying to reprogram Warlock and Beautiful Jan paints a Clown's Mask on Warlock's Face because all the dark aspects have to go; Gamora and Pip the Troll are on their way to rescue Warlock and interrogate one of the Black Knights, and he is scared to death by Gamora; Len takes Warlock to a Renegade Clown who is being punished.

First Printing: Aug 1975
Writers: Jim Starlin
Art: Sal Jim Starlin and Al Milgrom
Cover: Jim Starlin and Alan Weiss

Key Issue Details
- 2nd appearance of Gamora
- 3rd appearance of Pip the Troll