Strange Tales Vol.1 #173


To aid in his mission to try and find Loralee Tate, Brother Voodoo pays a visit to an old woman named Mama Limbo who apparently has clairvoyant abilities; Her visions tell him to go and seek out Desmond Drew, who she believes has a connection to the Cult of the Darklord; As Brother Voodoo goes to check out this lead, at the police station Samuel Tate and Pete Hawkins debate on what to do about Samuel's missing daughter; They finally decide that Brother Voodoo would hamper their efforts to find her themselves and put out an APB to have him arrested on sight.

Printed: Apr 1974
Writers: Len Wein
Art: Gene Colan and Dick Giordano
Cover: Rich Buckler and Ernie Chan

Key Issue Details
- 1st appearance of Black Talon, Desmond Drew
- Final appearance of Brother Voodoo in Strange Tales