Strange Tales Vol.1 #157


Strucker announces that the impregnable dome over Hydra Island will keep them safe from the "Death Spore" plague, and plans to use Fury's body as the basis for an army of HYDRA androids to "police" the world, once he's dead from the Alpha Ray beam; But Fury escapes!; As SHIELD searches the Heli-Carrier for the bomb with no result, Fury, "playing it by ear", takes on one group of HYDRA thugs after another, until Strucker faces him one-on-one.

First Printing: Jun 1967
Writers: Jim Steranko, Stan Lee, Marie Severin
Art: Jim Steranko, Marie Severin. Herb Trimpe
Cover: Jim Steranko

Key Issue Details:
- 1st cameo appearance of Living Tribunal