Strange Tales Vol.1 #143


Cover Date: April 1966
Writers: Stan Lee
Art: Jack Kirby, Howard Purcell
Featured Character: Colonel Nick Fury

Synopsis: SHIELD HQ is taken over by Mentallo & The Fixer who hold Fury prisoner. Tony Stark takes command of the combat unit, preparing his Neutralizer while the ESP Division is unable to pick up Fury's thoughts. Meanwhile the villains attach a miniature H-Bomb to Fury's wrists and remove the mind-control mask. Fury is able to send a signal to the ESP team allowing SHIELD to retaliate and Stark's Neutralizer dissolves the H-Bomb. Mentallo & The Fixer are captured with the help of SHIELD's Metronome Unit and the threat of Mentallo's powers is wiped out by the ESP division.

Reference: Strange Tales Vol.1 143 Grand Comics Database