Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD Vol.1 #1


Fury sneaks into an island fortress, only to get shot in the back. Surprise!; It's an L.M.D., and the shooter is the real Fury!; But on examination, Dugan informs Fury the L.M.D.'s been shot 4 times, not 3 - which means, someone tried to assassinate him!

Printed: Apr 1988
Writers: Jim Steranko
Art: Jim Steranko and Joe Sinnott
Cover: Jim Steranko

- Back cover has someone's name written on it
- Back cover has a significant tear near top of page & spine
- Back cover has minor tear mid-way down the page

- 2nd cameo appearance of Venom
- Many consider this the first full appearance of Venom
- Todd McFarlane explains in an interview that The Amazing Spider-Man #299 was considered the first full appearance of Venom for years until various comic book resources changed it to The Amazing Spider-Man #300