Iron Fist Vol.1 #1


Daniel Rand was reborn in the fires of a dragon's heart in the mystical land of K'un Lun. Now, he is the living weapon known as Iron Fist, finally in his own series. Hot on the trail of Colleen Wing's kidnappers, Iron Fist has come to Stark International seeking answers. Wanted by the police for a murder he did not commit, Danny comes face-to-face with the Invincible Iron Man, and Shell Head is in no mood to give a wanted man the benefit of the doubt. It's the Golden Avenger vs. the Living Weapon.

Printed: Nov 1975
Writers: Christ Claremont
Art: John Byrne and Al Williams
Cover: Eli Katz

Key Issue Details
- 1st solo titled Iron Fist series
- 1st appearance of Steel Serpent in a standard comic book, previously appeared in magazine format