Incredible Hulk Vol.1 #126


Exhausted after his battle with the Absorbing Man, Bruce Banner is taken to a mysterious mansion where he becomes the target of an evil cult who desires to bring the Undying Ones to earth; Banner is sent to another dimension where he turns into the Hulk and faces the Night-Crawler; Destroying the Night-Crawler's realm, Hulk and his foe are teleported to the realm of the Undying Ones where Night-Crawler fights his ancient foes while Hulk rescues a trapped Dr. Strange and the two return to earth.

Printed: Apr 1970
Writers: Roy Thomas
Art: Herb Trimpe
Cover: Herb Trimpe

- 1st appearance of Barbara Norris, later becomes Valkyrie
- 1st appearance of Night-Crawler, renamed Dark-Crawler
- First meeting of Namor and Dr. Strange
- Conclusion of a crossover story arc that began in Dr. Strange 183 and continued in Sub-Mariner #22 that leads to the formation of the Defenders