Incredible Hulk Vol.1 #102


Bruce Banner is falling down a bottomless pit back to Midgard when the Enchantress plucks him back to Asgard out of curiosity; The Warriors Three consult Oldar the Oracle and find out the origins of the Hulk; Captured by Enchantress and Executioner, Banner transforms into the Hulk which enrages the Executioner who has fought the jade giant before (back in TTA #77); Leaving the Hulk behind, the evil duo lead an army of trolls against Asgard and the Hulk arrives on the scene just in time to lend a hand in the victory of Odin's forces.

Printed: Apr 1968
Writers: Gary Friedrich
Art: Marie Severin, George Tuska, and Syd Shores
Cover: Marie Severin and Frank Giacoia

Key Issue Details
- Continued from Tales to Astonish #101, 'The Incredible Hulk' title resumes 5 years later

** Note: This copy of Hulk 102 has significant staple rust which has also transferred through to the back cover. **