Eternals Vol.1 #2


"The Celestials!" Written by Jack Kirby. Pencils by Jack Kirby. Inks by John Verpoorten. The gods are real and they live among us! Archeologist Doctor Damian and his daughter Margo, led by the enigmatic Ikaris, soon learn that they are not alone in this universe. But could the return of the space gods known as the Celestials possibly mean. Note: 1st appearance of Ajak and the Celestial Arishem the Judge. Cover price $0.25.

Printed: Aug 1976
Writers: Jack Kirby
Art: Jack Kirby and John Verpoorten
Cover: Jack Kirby and John Verpoorten

Key Issue Details
- 1st appearance of Ajak
- 1st appearance of Arishem the Judge
- The Celestials sink the Kingdom of Lemuria and as a result, Atlantis is also sunk