Brave and the Bold Vol.1 #80


Newsman Jack Ryder (secretly the Creeper) approaches Batman with information that the criminal Hellgrammite is in Gotham City; This revelation leads to Batman and the Creeper working together to stop the mammoth crook from his bid to eliminate prominent gang members; Battling the Hellgrammite throughout Gotham, the duo locate him in the Gotham subway system where they down Hellgrammite with a combination of a fire extinguisher and the electrified third rail; After the Hellgrammite's defeat, the Creeper makes his escape to avoid his own arrest at the hands of the Gotham PD.

Printed: Oct 1968
Writers: Bob Haney
Art: Neal Adams and Dick Giordano
Cover: Neal Adams

- 1st appearance of Hellgrammite, a scientist who mutated himself into a grasshopper humanoid