Black Panther Vol.1 #1


Black Panther helps Abner Little, a member of the Collectors, recover the Brass Frog, an ancient time machine; Due to its dangerous nature, the Frog had previously been hidden away by the Black Panther's grandfather, Azzuri, but was taken by Alfred Queely, a fellow member of the Collectors; After getting the Frog, the Black Panther and Little are attacked by Princess Zanda, another member of the Collectors, for control of the artifact. During the battle, the Frog is activated and a mysterious creature, Hatch-22, appears.

Printed: Jan 1977
Writers: Jack Kirby
Art: Jack Kirby and Mike Royer
Cover: Jack Kirby and John Verpoorten

- First ongoing Black Panther solo title
- 1st team appearance of the Collectors: Abner Little and Princess Zanda