Avengers Vol.1 #57


On a rainy night in Manhattan, a strange being enters Janet Van Dyne's apartment and suddenly collapses! The Wasp quickly calls Goliath; and they take the red-hued stranger to Avengers Mansion for examination! Once there Hank Pym discovers that the Vision is a human being constructed of synthetic materials - a synthezoid in fact! When the Vision wakes up, he remembers that Ultron sent him to destroy the Avengers! But now the Vision wants to flip the script on his creator! So he leads Earth's Mightiest Heroes back to Ultron's underground lair! Could this be a trap? Either way Ultron-5 is waiting! And the battle is coming! Will the Vision prove worthy of the Avengers' trust?

Printed: Oct 1968
Writers: Roy Thomas
Art: John Buscema and George Klein
Cover: John Buscema and George Klein

- 1st appearance of Vision
- 2nd appearance of Ultron