Avengers Vol.1 #49


The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver escort Magneto to the United Nations Building in New York! The Master of Magnetism wants to tell the world that he seeks peace with mankind! That sounds like such a noble endeavor! But as illustrated on the classic cover, Magneto is secretly pulling all the strings! When a mêlée breaks out inside the General Assembly Hall, Magneto directs a bullet to graze Wanda's head! And that causes Pietro to lash out at everyone... including Earth's Mightiest Heroes! This day has gone from bad to worse in a hurry! In the meantime on Mount Olympus, Hercules comes face-to-face with the powerful titan that wrecked his homeland and dispatched the gods!

Printed: Feb 1968
Writers: Roy Thomas
Art: John Buscema
Cover: John Buscema

- 1st appearance of Typhon, a Titan from Olympus
- Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver quit the Avengers