Avengers Vol.1 #48


Inside Garrett Castle Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are prisoners of Magneto! And the Master of Magnetism is admonishing them to rejoin the brotherhood! While elsewhere in the castle, a stunning transformation is occurring as Dane Whitman decides to take up the mantle of the Black Knight! Dane wants the knight to become a force for good! So his first act is to fly to Avengers Mansion and tell the Avengers about Wanda and Pietro's plight! But Earth's Mightiest Heroes mistake Dane for the evil Black Knight and attack! Will the new knight's career be over before it even starts? Meanwhile in Olympus, Hercules discovers the Temple of the Promethean Flame in ruins and his fellow gods missing!

Printed: Jan 1968
Writers: Roy Thomas
Art: George Tuska
Cover: George Tuska

- 1st appearance and origin of the third Black Knight, Dane Whitman in armor
- 1st appearance of Aragorn, the winged steed