Avengers Vol.1 #32


Captain America encourages Goliath to keep looking for a solution to his height-switching ability and finds a new assistant, Bill Foster; The Sons of the Serpent attack foreign people, including General Chen, the dictator of a communist country while he visits the UN; The Black Widow provides information to Hawkeye to prove herself to him. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch discover they will regain their full powers; Bill Foster, being African-American, gets attacked by the Sons of the Serpent; Captain America goes to Nick Fury for more information about them; The Avengers vow to defeat the Sons of the Serpent, but Captain America is kidnapped.

Printed: Sept 1966
Writers: Stan Lee
ArtDon Heck
Cover: Don Heck

- 1st appearance of Bill Foster, later becomes Black Goliath
- 1st team appearance of Sons of the Serpent