Avengers Vol.1 #24


Kang's troops advance on the city as Kang escapes; Although hopeless, the Avengers decide to put up a fight against the never-ending army; Quicksilver is put out of action by a stray blast while trying to help a mother and child; The rest of the Avengers battle on but are eventually overwhelmed and captured; Although Kang's law states that monarchs conquered are to be executed, Kang wants to marry Ravonna; Meanwhile, Quicksilver is nursed back to health by the mother he saved; The rest of the generals led by Baltag rebel against Kang and try to assassinate him; Kang is then forced to team up with Captain America, Hawkeye and the Scarlet Witch to save Ravonna and liberate her civilization.

Printed: Jan 1966
Writers: Stan Lee
ArtDon Heck and Dick Ayers
Cover: Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers

- 2nd appearance of Ravonna Renslayer