Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #53


Peter and Gwen are off to the Science Expo with Professor Warren to see the "nullifier," but unfortunately Dr. Octopus is there too. Only he isn't there to listen to the lecture, he's there to steal it! After putting up a good fight, Spider-Man finally gets the nullifier back, but not before slipping a spider tracer on Doc Ock. Doc Ock finds the tracer when he gets back to his lab and decides to set up a trap for Spidey, but come on, Spidey isn't gonna fall for it. Aunt May and Anna Watson put an ad in the paper looking for a boarder at their house. And guess who answers the ad? That's right, the one and only Otto Octavius.

Printed: Oct 1967
Writers: Stan Lee
Art: John Romita Sr., and Mike Esposito [as Mickey Demeo]
Cover: John Romita Sr.