Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #39


Peter heads to the doctor with the sniffles and learns that Aunt May's health is very fragile; Spidey is roped into tangling with a bunch of goons who zap him with a mysterious gas; Not realizing that the gas has weakened his spider sense, he changes into Peter Parker under the watchful gaze of the Green Goblin; The Goblin confronts Spidey outside of his home and captures him as Peter is worried that Aunt May might be overcome by the commotion; Trussed up in the Goblin's lair, Peter is shocked when the Goblin takes off his mask and reveals himself to be Norman Osborn.

Printed: Aug 1966
Writers: Stan Lee
Art: John Romita Sr. and Mike Esposito [as Mickey Demeo]
Cover: John Romita Sr.

- Green Goblin and Spider-Man discover one another's identities
- First artwork on The Amazing Spider-Man by John Romita